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August 01, 2004

Homer Says: D'oh!

Yeah, I'm stupid. I lost my logins. But that's ok. I have them back. But more importantly, I've got big plans. I'm sitting down right now working on the layout for a page that will be the Atlantic League Blog on 'roids. The (untitled) Atlantic Baseball Blog v.2 will cover east coast baseball. Including affiliated minor leagues and eastern division American and National League teams.

Stay tuned.

July 15, 2004

Pride Add 4

The Nashua Pride added three pitchers and a catcher to their roster today.  The signings include former major leaguer Rusty Meacham who's returning to the Pride for his second season.  They also picked up pitchers Terry Pearson and Carlos Chantres along with catcher Mike Figga.
THe team released Tom Klemm, Jason Navarro, Cliff Smith, Jeff Hastings and Al Benjamin.

What Really Happened in the NEL Yesterday

I passed along bad information yesterday.  The Jackals not only swept Elmira in one doubleheader.  But they took 4 games in 2 days from the Pioneers.  Yesterday the Jackals earned a North Division tie with 7-3 and 3-2 wins at Yogi Berra Stadium.
The Jackals and Cutters play a decisive play-off game today at Yale Field.
The Capitales needed eleven frames and a walk-off two run homer from Shane Hopper to down the Spirit 4-2.
Derry Hammond's 4-for-4 with a homer night helped the Lumberjacks eat-up the Rox 14-5. 
The Aces and New Haven County had the night off.

Totally Off Topic

Ballpark Digest has become one of my daily vists, and it's a great site for all baseball fans. Editor Kevin Reichard points us to this article (reg. req.) from on one "writer's" opinion on possible league realignment.

First, let me say that I hesitantly use the word writer. Ray McNulty is about as much a writer as I am the Queen of England. An example of what McNulty considers a paragraph:
We're laughed at, because we long for a simpler, more-romantic time, when players still played for the love of the game, when owners still cared about the working-man fan, when baseball's hierarchy wasn't so willing to sell its soul in desperate attempts to sell tickets.

Hey Ray, paragraphs typically involve more than one sentance hacked together with, improper, use, of, commas. I don't blame Ray as much as I blame his editor. Writers usually aren't the brightest bulbs around.

But Ray poses the idea of taking the American and National Leagues and merging them into one 30 team league. A 6 division league with 5 team divisions aligned strictly geographically. And he calls himself a baseball purist.

July 14, 2004

Jersey Forces Playoff with Cutters

Brad Whitworth and Aaron Myers both pitched complete game shut-outs for New Jersey taking both halves of a double header with the Pioneers to force a one game do-or-die playoff with the New Haven County Cutters. NHC three hit the road-dog Aces and earned a shut-out and the tie with NJ. For those in Connecticut, the game will be played tomorrow (July 15), at Yale Field.

North Shore wrapped up the North Division crown a few days ago as the Brockton Rox sputtered out in the last week of the half.

But hasn't this been an exciting summer so far?

The Cutters and Aces played their last three game series at Murnane Field in Utica, NY. League Commish Miles Wolff was an owner of the Utica BlueSox, and with a strong turnout for the series (estimated 500 attendance), could move the Aces into the Mohawk Valley. A decision on where the remnants of the Allentown Ambassadors will play should be made in September.